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At /N SPRO we are specialists, not generalists - in the HCM division we focus solely on bringing the best-in-class SuccessFactors and SAP HCM solutions to customers - because the future of work is now.

/N SPRO Named as Top SME Employer in Canada for Third Consecutive Year

MONTRÉAL – April 25, 2017: /N SPRO Inc. is proud to be recognized for the third consecutive year as one of the Top 100 Small & Medium Employers in Canada. The 2017 winners were announced this morning and the list showcases the nation’s most innovative and forward-thinking SMEs, and recognize their achievements in creating outstanding and industry-leading workplaces. Luc Hédou, President of /N SPRO, notes that the company has grown in a way where hard work is met with meaningful rewards. “We take a lot of pride in the high-performance, high-fun culture we have built. Whether employees are based at the headquarters in Montreal or elsewhere across the country, there is a strong sense of community and the result is a highly engaged and motivated team. Even the newest and tiniest /N Sprouts are welcomed into the fold immediately with branded jumpers.” “Overall, it’s a very collaborative environment where everyone helps everyone - whether you’re an associate consultant, a practice director, or a vice-president,” comments Gloria To, an associate consultant who splits her time between Montreal and Vancouver. “You wake up in the morning and you’re excited to go to work because you get this great sense of belonging not only at a company, but to a corporate family.” Now in its 4th year, Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers is an editorial competition that recognizes the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that offer the nation’s best workplaces and progressive human resources policies. In choosing a finalist, Mediacorp’s editors consider how each employer compared to others in their industry to determine which offer the most advanced and employee-focused programs. The thorough evaluation process includes an in-depth review of the employer’s operations and human resource practices across eight criteria categories.To determine eligibility, the Top 100 editors follow the SME definition used by Statistics Canada, limiting the competition to private-sector companies with under 500 employees. This year’s Canada’s Top 100 Small & Medium Employers were announced in a special magazine in The Globe and Mail this morning – flip to page 13 for a featured article on /N SPRO! For a full list of recipients, including the reasons why /N SPRO and other companies were chosen, please visit For more information on career opportunities at /N SPRO, please visit: For more /N SPRO news, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+.   For further information: Cory Skimming Marketing Manager, /N SPRO Inc.

/N SPRO recognized as Top SME Employer in Canada for second year running

MONTRÉAL – March 29, 2016: /N SPRO Inc. is proud to be recognized on the Top 100 Small & Medium Employers list for 2016.  This years winners were announced this morning, showcasing the nation’s most innovative SME employers. “We are incredibly proud to be recognized as a top employer for the second year in a row;” comments Luc Hédou, President of /N SPRO. “We strive to build a company in which hard work is met with meaningful rewards, and the result has been a highly-motivated team and an incredible workplace culture.” /N SPRO (pronounced “en-spro”) team members have access to a broad range of perks including flexible work requirements, attractive employee benefits, profit-sharing schemes and an annual corporate retreat in a sunny destination – 2014 and 2015 saw the entire team travel down to Cancun, Mexico. “I’ve been given a lot of room to explore and acquired a lot of knowledge;” comments Benjamin Golfarb, a consultant at /N SPRO. “The culture at the company is everybody helps everybody.” In choosing a finalist, Mediacorp’s editors consider how each employer compared to others in terms of both workplace culture and human resources policies. The thorough evaluation process includes an in-depth review of the employer’s operations and human resource practices across eight criteria categories. To determine eligibility, the Top 100 editors follow the SME definition used by Statistics Canada, limiting the competition to private-sector companies with under 500 employees. This year’s Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers were announced in a special magazine in The Globe and Mail this morning - flip to page 10 for a featured article on /N SPRO! About /N SPRO /N SPRO is a leader within the SAP and SuccessFactors ecosystem of partners. Providing thought leadership and leveraging great know-how to ensure customer success within the HCM, Retail and Mobility domains -- /N SPRO strives to ensure that customers make the right choices and maximize the value they get out of their IT investments.   For further information: Cory Skimming Marketing Manager, /N SPRO Inc.  

Managing Organizational Change – Commitment Curve

Having worked in-house for a large CPG company for a number of years, I felt like I had finally mastered my job on the legacy systems. I remember experiencing a wide range of emotions when the company announced that they would be moving to an entirely new ERP system, SAP. As an expert in the existing systems, everything was working just fine: I had a solid process in place and now they expected me to start over and learn a whole new system, come up with a new routine? Change is constant, but when an organization makes the decision to undergo any large scale makeover it can be very exciting and terrifying all at the same time for members of the organization. In the retail and wholesale industry, many organizations have made the choice to implement SAP as their ERP system in order to improve and streamline their business as a whole. While the benefits of SAP are a big selling point, it can sometimes be difficult to comprehend and manage the human component of the changes required as people tend to be creatures of habits and have established ways of operating. Understanding your organization and applying appropriate change management strategies can make a huge impact in achieving a successful implementation.  One such strategy is the commitment curve (shown below). In summary the commitment curve shows how people react and evolve over time as significant change occurs in their role and in an organization. Awareness – When the decision was made to change systems, I remember receiving a company-wide e-mail explaining that our company had made the decision to move from our handful of legacy systems to a new one stop shop ERP system, SAP. At this point I remember the mixed emotions, and while I understood that change was coming there were still so many questions about how this would impact me. To be successful at this stage, it is important that communication be clear and consistent throughout the organization. The goal of the awareness stage is to ensure that those employees who have been or will be impacted by the changes are aware and have a clear understanding that changes are taking place. It is important to remember that this is your first opportunity to build a positive perception throughout the organization. General Understanding – Following the big announcement that change was on its way, we received weekly e-mail updates educating us on the new system that was being implemented. In addition, leaders began to talk about the upcoming changes in our department-wide meetings. At this stage, I began to really understand how the tools we use today would be impacted and I started to feel a little better about the upcoming changes as my understanding of the whole process began to grow. It is important to build a clear and solid understanding of the changes that will be taking place throughout the organization. The ultimate goal of this stage is to further build a positive perception in [...]

/N SPRO Named in 25 Most Promising SAP Support & Services Providers for 2015

/N SPRO has been named as one of OutSourcing Gazette's 25 most Promising SAP Support & Services Providers for 2015. As one of the largest multinational software companies in the world, SAP provides a broad spectrum of enterprise software solutions to organizations of all sizes across the globe. With a product offering spanning 37+ business solutions, 11+ industry solutions, 4 distinct platforms/frameworks and 8 other proprietary technologies, it can be daunting to even begin to understand what the SAP offering is, let alone how SAP solutions can improve your business. When you factor in the complex structure of most enterprise systems as well as the functional and technical configuration requirements, the benefit of engaging consulting firms that specialize in helping companies succeed with these technologies becomes clear. One such company specializing in SAP HCM and Retail solutions is Montreal, QC & Stamford, CT based /N SPRO. /N SPRO was founded in 2003 after co-founders Luc Hédou and John Sanderson, current HCM president and EVP respectively, identified a niche opportunity in the market surrounding the implementation and support of SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions. In the time since inception, the company has grown around the principle of being “specialists, not generalists”, expanding the HCM practice in a focused manner beyond the original On-premise SAP HCM solution offering to specialize in SAP Success Factors Cloud HCM, hybrid SAP ERP HCM and Success Factors deployments, as well as building innovative product extensions and mobile applications for the SAP HCM solutions. With the acquisition of Dey Fischer in 2011,/N SPRO Retail was created as a second specialized division focusing on SAP Retail & Wholesale solutions, headed up by Retail President Steve Hatcher. The Retail and Wholesale services offered by /N SPRO Retail include SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR), Fashion Management Solution (FMS), SAP Campaign Management Solution, SAP Forecasting & Replenishment (F&R) and mobile solutions which enable clients to gain and execute actionable insights in a highly competitive industry. “At /N SPRO, all of our service offerings have been created to fill a gap in the marketplace, where our subject matter experts provide both technical and functional expertise in these SAP focused solution areas,” says Hédou. Beyond Retail & HCM implementation-specific offerings, the company also provides business consulting services, custom extension or mobile development on the innovative SAP HANA Cloud Platform, as well as a customizable service desk offering to support clients post go-live. /N SPRO provides clients with customized post implementation sustainment services, including incident management, application improvement, SAP / SF Guidance, continuous training, development services and small evolution/improvement projects. This end-to-end approach enables /N SPRO to provide highly specialized services in the HCM & Retail spaces, while supporting clients across 35 countries at all stages of the customer and project lifecycle. Article originally printed on OutSourcing Gazette.

The Best of SuccessConnect 2015: /N SPRO Team Highlights

From August 10-13 SuccessFactors clients, prospects, partners and employees gathered at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas for SuccessConnect 2015. Featuring great networking events, inspired keynotes and a variety of breakout sessions, SuccessConnect was the place to be for those in the realm of human capital management. As a proud gold sponsor of the event, the /N SPRO team had an action-packed time! Here are some of the highlights if you were unable to attend or missed out on some of our awesome activities: SuccessConnect 2015 - Team Highlights The /N SPRO team and clients enjoyed lift-off on Monday afternoon with our Indoor SkyDiving activity at Vegas Indoor Skydiving. An amazing Cirque du Success kick-off party at the Opium Room in TAO nightclub,  featuring Elvis and a very talented (and bendy) contortionist. Thank you to all attendees for making it such a success! Tuesday morning heralded an amazing keynote by Mike Ettling, Global Head of Cloud & On-Premise HR at SAP, which highlighted our awesome LMS Planner extension for SuccessFactors - built on the HANA Cloud Platform! Food comas were achieved on Tuesday evening at our customer success dinner at Delmonico Steakhouse  There were three great breakout sessions on Wednesday afternoon: Extending SuccessFactors Learning on the HANA Cloud Platform – How Hydro-Quebec Built a Solution to Optimize Training Scheduling with  Nadia Brasseur (/N SPRO) and Christophe Phan (Hydro-Quebec) Preparing for Future Success: How HR Uses Analytics to Address Business Risks with Sean Junor from Cameco Experts Panel: Moving Your Core HR Solution to the Cloud featuring National Bank of Canada   A big thanks to our entire team & the organizing committee at SAP - we can't wait for SuccessConnect 2016!