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Meeting the Growing Demand for SAP Expertise in the Consumer Industries

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The Consumer Industries are in a state of change, and it will take strong partnerships in technology and business processes for companies to adapt and thrive. /N SPRO is expanding its practice to meet the needs of transformation for more companies.

How to Execute a Successful Rapid Deployment SAP SuccessFactors Project

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Rapid deployment is a means to getting new software up and running as quickly as possible. But don’t let the name fool you—the methodology that involves a very fixed scope and preconfigured solutions still requires due diligence and preparation. Paul Rose, Service Director UK & Ireland at Rizing HCM, joined the Raven Intel Podcast recently to discuss how customers can best execute a successful rapid deployment SAP SuccessFactors project.

“Ultimately, [rapid deployment] can be successful if a number of considerations are met from a readiness standpoint and the customer certainly needs to have prework completed before the project has commenced,” said Rose during the podcast.

As far as prework goes, Rose says that process harmonization is a key component, and that customers should identify who can make rapid and effective decisions to meet project timelines. Customers also need to be aware of complex data migrations and integration to applications such as payroll, time, and benefit systems. The customer should also have done due diligence in knowing the capabilities of the software they have purchased—that helps build out the right processes.

Picking the right partner for rapid deployment is key—just as it is with standard deployment. However, it becomes even more important when the deadlines are moved up. A good partner will be able to educate on the types of quick decisions that need to be made. Rose stresses, however, that customers should not rely on the partner alone for success.

“Often in these conversations I think we focus too much on the partners. If I’m a customer, I want to have that business process owner in place who is going to be able to really paint the picture of current to future state processes,” explained Rose. “And whether that is a rapid deployment or an enterprise deployment, that [business process owner] is […]

Rise of the HR Bots in SAP SuccessFactors

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Smart Chatbots are here. No, we’re not talking about Skynet gaining consciousness and ultimately leading humanity to its demise in an almighty Judgement Day by talking to us to death (film buffs will know the date for that has already passed!).

We are talking about Artificial Intelligence-driven, interactive, software-based support. Typically, these are embedded within messaging applications and are designed to mimic conversations with a real human person.

Technology leaders such as Microsoft and Facebook see the rise of Chatbots as the all-important new interface between humans and machines and see the conversational threads as the new “apps”. The focus of these companies as well as countless others has seen increased development happening in this area.

Bots are not a new concept. Their ancestors include “Eliza” and “Parry”—an AI created in the 1960’s by a Stanford psychotherapist. Those were built to imitate a human displaying paranoid schizophrenia, and in 1973 they were set up for a bot to bot chat that revealed some interesting conversation.

Modern Chatbot Examples

Thinking about our daily interactions that are driven by communication (texts, emails, conference calls) and you realize very quickly that these interactions have been revolutionized by technology. This should come as no surprise, technology advances at an incredible pace and trying to make the world a smaller place for its 7.4 billion inhabitants is one of the key drivers for this rapid advancement.

In the HCM realm, I didn’t have to jump into my DeLorean (yes, another movie reference!) and travel 5 years into the future to see this technology. These types of interactions have been developed and are currently in use. In fact, chatbots leveraged the SAP CoPilot Web application—what SAP calls Digital Assistants—will start showing up in SuccessFactors very soon. SuccessFactors showed off this capability at SuccessConnect, demonstrating how chatbots can assist with HR […]

The Path to SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise Vision

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What is SAP's Intelligent Enterprise? It's a strategy that is driving its current and future product set. Find out what to expect from this new vision, including new solutions and extensions.