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What Does Accountability Mean?

Many times, projects fail due to passing blame.  “She owns that, not me.”  “I can’t do my job because he isn’t doing his.”  What does this really solve?  You guessed it – NOTHING.  In this [...]

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Packaged Software: The Challenge of Saying No

It’s an echo from a bygone era: just say no.  It’s become part of pop culture and in certain respects has taken on an irreverent mocking tone.  Nevertheless, the underlying sentiment is well intentioned: don’t [...]

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Tips and Tricks: SuccessFactors to Outlook Integration for Interview Scheduling

  The SuccessFactors Recruiting Management module provides the option to integrate with Microsoft Outlook Calendar to schedule interviews directly. This feature can be enabled by completing the following steps: Step 1: Enable "Outlook Calendar Integration" in [...]

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Omni-Customer: The Benefits for the End-User

I’ve spoken about how the SAP Campaign Management suite of tools can help prevent internal data disconnects by assessing the holistic Omni-Channel effect of activities on a particular customer or product. At a macro level [...]

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Work with Positive Intent

It might be stating the obvious when I say that project team members should be motivated to achieve project success.  In this blog post I offer up some suggestions how to guide a team so [...]

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