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Omni-Customer: The Benefits for the End-User

I’ve spoken about how the SAP Campaign Management suite of tools can help prevent internal data disconnects by assessing the holistic Omni-Channel effect of activities on a particular customer or product. At a macro level [...]

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Work with Positive Intent

It might be stating the obvious when I say that project team members should be motivated to achieve project success.  In this blog post I offer up some suggestions how to guide a team so [...]

By |February 2nd, 2017|0 Comments

Project Management: Using Dedicated Team Lead vs. Contributor/Leader

Note: For this discussion, I have focused on my own area of expertise, namely SAP software development.  However, I believe this discussion can be generalized to cover any individual contributor. The Dilemma In my career [...]

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Evaluate & Choose the Right BI Analytics Tool(s) for your Project – Part 1

A Few Things to Consider When Choosing A BI Analytics Tool(s) In today’s competitive environment proper BI (Business Intelligence) analytics tools are a necessity for a successful company. They assist in effective decision making, automate [...]

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Magical Thinking Does Not Lead to Project Success

My Definition: Magical Thinking The belief that despite any rational thought or a review of previous experience everything is going to work out on its own Decoupling of cause and effect such that desired results [...]

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