3D Results Strengthens Rizing HCM Product Stack

Rizing, the parent company of /N SPRO and Aasonn, recently acquired 3D Results, combining the three SAP SuccessFactors consultancies. The acquisition brought with it more professionally certified consultants, top-flight customers, and deep industry knowledge. It also brings the 3D Results Cube to the family of Rizing product offerings.

I recently chatted with the co-founder of 3D Results and now President of Rizing HCM in North America, Brian Fieser, and Luc Hédou, the CEO of Rizing HCM globally, about the role partner-built products play in a successful SuccessFactors implementation. What follows is our lightly edited conversation.

What Needs Do You Seek to Address with Partner-Built Products?  

Brian: Clients deploying cloud HR solutions such as SuccessFactors standardly expect implementations that are fast, affordable, and as minimally-disruptive as possible.  But increasingly, our clients are seeking measurable, outcome-based implementations that directly align to their business performance objectives. Understanding, measuring, and recording useful people data that can drive business outcome is more important than ever.

Businesses have lots of data available to them, but what they really need is actionable, “smart” data. Smart data enables insights which ultimately leads to business impact—this begins with a successful go-live and continues with the realization of business outcomes. That is the primary driver around building the Cube for us— helping our clients to elicit transformative data that combines talent insights with business performance & operations information, ultimately into one actionable data set.

Historical data is critically important too. Every client needs to address people history, but how it is handled can impact the length and risk involved in a SuccessFactors implementation. With the Cube archiver for SuccessFactors HR, companies can look at historical records concurrently, and that eliminates the need to load that data into Employee Central. It also ultimately allows the decommissioning of expensive legacy applications, accelerating the project ROI.

How Does Cube Fit with What Rizing HCM Currently Offers in Blueline?

Luc: Our customers’ cloud HR implementations often involve the use of offline spreadsheets to store configuration parameters. With such a rudimentary tool, requirements are insufficiently documented, the ability to audit does not exist, and there is no comprehension of an overall global template.

Providing a methodology-as-a-service approach can change client outcomes in a measurable way. Customers receive an implementation template—similar to a Model Company—as a first iteration. Workbooks can be automatically generated—a key element in any SAP cloud solution.

Enter /N SPRO’s Blueline solution. Blueline standardizes the methodology, takes approvals online, and provides to ability to store requirements. If a field changes, you have immediate visibility to the impact of that change.

Combining the methodology-as-service of Blueline with the power of Cube analysis of HR operations ensures not only a successful go-live, but continued success as the solution is updated and evolves throughout its lifecycle.

Why Should Current SuccessFactors Customers Care About Blueline and Cube?

Brian: As we look at our large SuccessFactors install base, the Cube AI functions will recognize standard practices for capabilities across industries. For example, we would know that 80 percent of retail clients have a certain configuration that supports retail needs such as mass hiring and contingent labor. Over time, we can visually present those practices specific to clients and help them accelerate their adoption of SuccessFactors innovations.

Luc: When they are live, the combination of Cube and Blueline can automate the process of evaluating of what is valuable and what is not. So many companies don’t have a proper strategy for release management. The updates cycle four times a year, but very few are maximized around to service and use that new code.

To have the ability to let the system tell you what updates are most interesting and what you should focus on, that’s phenomenal when you think about the potential. We’ve only scratched the surface.

Brian: Identifying what’s valuable in a configuration starts with analytics. The methodology-as-a-service gives a line of sight, but in many implementations, we see project leads get off track in dealing with nuanced decisions. With our Cube analytics and the buy-in of or client executives, we can help better inform those decisions to proactively influence business performance outcomes.

Luc: With our install base now more than 700 active clients, we can provide a statistically significant sample across many industries. This is real, empirical data. It’s no longer a marketing ploy, it’s the foundation of true data-driven decision making.

With the combined power of 3D Results, /N SPRO, and Aasonn, we are excited to build upon our current Rizing HCM product line, and also find new and innovative ways to apply solutions like Cube and Blueline that optimize SuccessFactors from go-live and beyond.

If you are headed to SuccessConnect in Las Vegas, be sure to stop by and see us at booth P2 on the show floor. 

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