Build an HR Data and Analytics Powerhouse for SAP® SuccessFactors® with 3DR Cube

For many HR teams, there isn’t much time left for advanced analytics after the reporting tasks of aggregating, collating, and distributing information. That means gaining a strong understanding of factors behind employee attrition, learning, or talent development lag behind or aren’t done at all.

Even when there is time to analyze HR data, it’s often superficial, reactive, not standardized, and comes from a single data source. That’s where 3DR Cube can fill gaps for SAP® SuccessFactors® customers in the areas of advanced reporting analytics and data archiving.

Automated Data Capture Leads to Better HR Analysis

With 3DR Cube, important HR data is captured and dimensionalized in the context of HR best practice metrics and KPIs. That saves time from the traditional process of aggregating, collating, and distributing.

With that time saved, there are more resources dedicated to analysis. That allows for HR teams to do pro-active reporting, to create pre-defined metrics across subject areas based on best practices, reporting from multiple data sources—even non-HR data, and standardized company-wide metric definitions.

User-friendly visualizations are also accessible through 3DR Cube Visualizer, which allows for self-service HR report building. A guided experience with visualization recommendations allows for easier HR data analysis to quickly discover trends and answer one-off business questions.

As your company progresses up the data maturity curve, enabled by 3DR Cube, you will find more and more capabilities that can benefit your HR processes. Eventually, your HR organization will move from actionable insights to planning that integrates HR data, process, and function, and to the holy grail of predictive analytics.

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Analyze Relevant HR Data from Anywhere

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3DR Cube is built on a unified data model, which brings together unique data schemas from a wide variety of sources—SAP SuccessFactors models, Finance and CRM systems, and even third-party data such as publicly available government labor and census information.

Bringing together all this information can help your HR team analyze internal people data and how it matches up against broader employment trends. Incorporating finance and CRM data allows HR a deeper view into an employee’s performance and compensation. Finally, the combination of internal and external data will allow your HR team to be more predictive when it comes to areas such as employee turnover and recruiting.

All this can happen via Single Sign-On with Role-Based Permission integration with SAP SuccessFactors, so your employees never feel like they are leaving the HCM system to do analysis.

Accelerating Your Move to SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central

Beyond data capture automation, 3DR Cube also allows for archiving of legacy HR system data and history. This means your organization can decommission legacy systems for an immediate return-on-investment (ROI) while still remaining compliant with direct access to historical HR data. That data is then available to show historic trends that can be used for predictive analysis.

This works with any legacy HR system—SAP or otherwise—and can accelerate your move to the cloud for core HR with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central by drastically reducing the time needed to get up and running.

Building an HR Analytics Foundation

Continuing with traditional processes of HR data capture and analysis will likely stunt any maturity towards modern and effective HR reporting and analytics in your organization. Freeing up time and resources through automated capture and data archiving and enabling your HR team to dig deeper and find value in people data will provide value throughout the company.

With a solution like 3DR Cube, your organization can begin building that important HR analytics foundation, and continue to mature to reach higher and higher levels of value from your information.

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