Building Global Training with SAP® SuccessFactors® and OpenSesame®

When it comes to training, content is king. Outdated and irrelevant courses not only leave employees undertrained, but also drive down interest in training programs. Combining a user-friendly learning management system (LMS) such as SAP® SuccessFactors® Learning with relevant content is key to drive training adoption and engaging employees.

That’s why SuccessFactors partners with content providers like OpenSesame®, which prides itself on providing the latest and greatest learning content for organizations.

How does the partnership work exactly? OpenSesame integrates with SuccessFactors Learning, and the content can then be accessed directly through SuccessFactors. There’s no need for the employee to go outside of the system to find the information and coursework they need.

The integration with the content also allows for companies to assign training via curricula and programs, again all inside SuccessFactors Learning. Additionally, to optimize the management and scheduling of that training, Rizing HCM offers LMS Planner, an SAP Cloud Platform solution extension for SuccessFactors.

Building Global Training

In the OpenSesame webcast, “How to transform your organization into a truly global learning culture,” stored energy solutions provider EnerSys discussed how it is using SuccessFactors Learning and OpenSesame to take its training program global.

Using SuccessFactors helped EnerSys achieve the goal of standardization worldwide in training. The OpenSesame partnership allowed the company to instantly fill its LMS with interesting and relevant content for employees, rather than building a library over time.

Mobile access to training was also a big need for EnerSys, as many employees in the field don’t have access to a computer, or their access is limited to outdated and slow kiosks. EnerSys is now putting in Microsoft Surface tablets at locations, along with custom company branded earbuds, so employees can get OpenSesame training via the SuccessFactors mobile application.

Finally, driving greater adoption through SuccessFactors helps EnerSys derive greater value from its OpenSesame subscription. The more courses that are taken, the less it costs per course. Currently EnerSys sits around $30/course but expects to get that down to the single digits through increased employee adoption of training.

Find out more about how OpenSesame works with SuccessFactors to drive down training costs while building more effective and engaging learning! Check out the full OpenSesame webcast recording here.

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