Rizing HCM Products Take SAP® SuccessFactors® To Another Level

The SAP® SuccessFactors® suite of modules addresses the bulk of human capital management needs, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room to provide added value to the set of products. Based on over a decade of experience solely focused on serving the SAP HCM community, Rizing HCM has created a dedicated software development team to build products that complement SAP SuccessFactors solutions.

Experience matters and we strive to build products that provide end-to-end value to our customers.

Better Implementations, Better People Data

Establishing a solid foundation to maximize the value of your SAP SuccessFactors system begins with the implementation rooted in good, actionable data. That notion drives key products in the Rizing HCM catalog which combines our SAP SuccessFactors project expertise with our data science DNA.

Rizing HCM Blueline taps into our years of SuccessFactors implementation expertise to build a solution that helps implement, manage, and sustain SAP SuccessFactors software.  If you are new to SAP SuccessFactors, Blueline aligns our best in class delivery methodology.

For existing customers, the platform provides ongoing governance and management by proving transparency to track new requirement, approvals, and any revisions in a single place. Blueline is now SAP Certified as built on SAP Cloud platform, meaning we have SAP’s stamp of approval on its proven technology stack.

Add to that, 3DR Cube, our data archiving, reporting, analytics, and data visualization SaaS platform designed to unify hybrid human capital and ERP data environments. 3DR Cube notably provides archiving of historical data when companies are moving off a legacy on-premise system to SAP SuccessFactors—and still provides access to that data so the legacy systems can be decommissioned for immediate savings.

With Blueline having been built on SAP Cloud Platform and 3DR Cube on Amazon Web Services, both are digital, cloud-based solutions that make an impact on company-wide productivity.

Co-Innovation Benefits All Customers

A key part of our innovation philosophy is to build extensions and applications that directly serve customer needs. It’s likely that if you are facing a challenge, another company is facing the same, and by co-innovating with our customers we serve the entire ecosystem.

Rizing HCM’s LMS Planner product was not created in a lab, it was built to address the specific learning management needs for Hydro-Québec. The utility implemented SAP SuccessFactors Learning, yet felt they needed a better handle on managing a large set of resources including training instructors and rooms to help planners schedule and manage trainings for employees. Rizing HCM stepped in to help build that solution on SAP Cloud Platform, and LMS Planner was born.

Read more about Hydro-Québec’s SAP SuccessFactors Learning and LMS Planner implementation.

The best thing is that LMS Planner is not limited to Hydro-Québec, other customers are now putting it into use. This co-innovation provides benefits to all current and future SuccessFactors customers, and that’s a strategy for creating new products that we intend to carry on going forward.

More Products to Come

Rizing HCM now has more talent than ever before contributing to innovations that enhance the SAP SuccessFactors Suite. We always focus on filling our customer needs through new product development, as well as continued improvement of our current product set whenever new applications for their capabilities are found.

Blueline, 3DR Cube, and LMS Planner all provide functionality that complement and enhance the SuccessFactors experience. That’s something that SAP welcomes and encourages, even providing tools such as SAP Cloud Platform to help partners and customers innovate. We plan to be at the forefront of this innovation to optimize the SAP SuccessFactors investments for our customers.

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