SuccessConnect 2018 Roundup: The SAP SuccessFactors Sounds and Stories You Might Have Missed

The week of SuccessConnect 2018 was a busy one for all involved, and one that creates even more work after the fact. In the two weeks since the event, we’ve been breaking down some of the top news stories and highlights of the event, and we are now here to recap those for you.

The Big Stage

SuccessConnect officially kicked off with an opening keynote led by SAP SuccessFactors president Greg Tomb, with an appearance from SAP CEO Bill McDermott for a fireside chat that covered his views on HR from the corner office.

Here’s our recap of that wide-ranging opener, including McDermott’s claim that a one percent increase in retention at SAP makes a major impact on the bottom line:

The Emergence of People Analytics

Tomb referenced SAP Analytics Cloud in his opening talk—he pointed out how it has already begun taking over for Workforce Analytics as the reporting and analysis tool in SuccessFactors. SuccessFactors product lead Amy Wilson dug deeper, giving the new tool a name—People Analytics—and highlighting some of its differentiating features.

Read our breakdown of what Wilson revealed, and find out when People Analytics will be arriving on your SuccessFactors system.

Even SuccessFactors knows that customer data needs go event deeper than what can be done with Workforce Analytics or the upcoming People Analytics. That’s why SuccessFactors Global VP of Strategy Steve Schnoll sat down with our own Jim Griffin, the brain behind the 3DR Cube, to discuss how we have complemented SuccessFactors software by building a tool that allows customers to migrate historical HR data from a legacy system without significant cost or time delays. Check out the video for more:

Overall Impressions

We all come into big events like SuccessConnect with expectations for what we want to hear about, what we want to see, and the overall experience we want to have. I compared some of my impressions of the event to what our community expected beforehand.

The Rolling Stones, paraphrased, said “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need.” That may be a nice summation of some of the product announcements at SuccessConnect—where our community wanted to hear about Employee Central updates, but instead got announcements on things that might help to bolster Employee Central overall through analytics and chatbots.

Find more SuccessConnect 2018 impressions here in this debrief.

The Rise of Rizing HCM

Less than two weeks before SuccessConnect, we announced the addition of 3D Results to the Rizing organization, joining /N SPRO and Aasonn to strengthen an already strong HCM practice. At SuccessConnect, we announced the merger of those brands under the Rizing HCM umbrella.

We threw a party to celebrate the occasion, with the theme “We <3 SuccessFactors.” In keeping with that theme, I asked party attendees why they love SuccessFactors, and they were brave enough to share that with me on video:

We’ll see you next year at the Aria for SuccessConnect 2019! In the meantime, continue to follow our blog for more on what’s happening in the SuccessFactors and HCM universe, from SuccessFactors news and updates, to best practices for implementations and HR. Check out our Facebook page for pictures and GIFs from the Rizing HCM party, like the one below.

SuccessConnect Rizing HCM

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