What is the SAP Intelligent Enterprise?

Last June at Sapphire Now in Orlando, SAP unveiled its “Intelligent Enterprise” campaign. What does this mean? In the latest white paper from /N SPRO, “Breaking Down SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise Strategy,” we dig into what is driving this concept for SAP.

There are three key components to the Intelligent Enterprise—the product suite, the digital platform, and embedded intelligent technologies. These three are not just a marketing initiative for SAP, they are driving how the vendor builds technology and delivers it to customers.

The core motivation of the Intelligent Suite is the era of Digital Transformation—where companies are finding it necessary to change processes and upgrade technologies to better meet the demands of a digital world. SAP Co-President for Consumer Industries, Lori Mitchell-Keller, drove home that point at last month’s CX Forum event in Dallas.

“With the concepts of Intelligent Enterprise and Digital Transformation, it’s not a question about if, but a question about when and when are you ready,” says Mitchell-Keller. “Over 50 percent of what we do today will change over the next few years.”

Preparing for the Intelligent Enterprise

If the Intelligent Enterprise is an inevitability, as Mitchell-Keller suggests, then it is imperative that customers prepare themselves by gaining an understanding of what the concept means. Knowing the solutions, platform, and technologies that encompass the Intelligent Enterprise is a great way to get started.

The “Breaking Down SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise” white paper is a quick read that will provide a basis for you to examine your company’s technology stack and how it compares to the SAP Intelligent Enterprise vision. That’s important to the process of creating a roadmap to making your own business an intelligent one.

Download the “Breaking Down SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise Strategy” white paper now.

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