Why SAP Fieldglass Integration Is Key to a Modern Workforce

External workers are on the rise. Can your company keep track of all labor like it does internal employees? Integration between SAP Fieldglass and SAP SuccessFactors can help.

Solution Validation Workshops

During the design phase of any project, one activity that gets the most attention is the delivery of solution workshops. It’s a deliverable that has high visibility and sets a first impression for any SAP Program. Needless to say, it is imperative that they go well!


Get all the requirements from the business. Document your design. Nail down scope. At the end of the day, this is what we drive towards during the Explore phase[1] in an SAP implementation. The effectiveness of your workshop can be assessed before it has been completed. We can get a good indicator of success before it’s even started. It’s all in the preworkshop activities:

  • What are the current business processes?
  • Which steps provide a competitive advantage, if any?
  • What isn’t supported by standard SAP Functionality?
  • What are the business process variations?
  • Do you, the workshop leader, have a point of view?


This is one of those times where we need to have “the meeting before the meeting” and this could mean several of them. It all starts with identifying the key players and knowing your audience.  Who are the subject matter experts? Do we need the Business, IT or both to get this information? This is a seemingly simple task that is often overlooked and underestimated. Depending on the size of your organization, it can be difficult to find who you need for when you need them at the beginning of a project.

Point of View

Armed with the above information and previous implementation experience, we utilize a hypothesis driven workshop based on what the future business process should/could look like. It established our baseline. A point of view on how the solution should look like in the future. It enables us to avoid large requirements gathering session during the workshop. Never work from a blank […]

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Managing Organizational Change – Commitment Curve

Having worked in-house for a large CPG company for a number of years, I felt like I had finally mastered my job on the legacy systems. I remember experiencing a wide range of emotions when the company announced that they would be moving to an entirely new ERP system, SAP. As an expert in the existing systems, everything was working just fine: I had a solid process in place and now they expected me to start over and learn a whole new system, come up with a new routine?

Change is constant, but when an organization makes the decision to undergo any large scale makeover it can be very exciting and terrifying all at the same time for members of the organization. In the retail and wholesale industry, many organizations have made the choice to implement SAP as their ERP system in order to improve and streamline their business as a whole. While the benefits of SAP are a big selling point, it can sometimes be difficult to comprehend and manage the human component of the changes required as people tend to be creatures of habits and have established ways of operating. Understanding your organization and applying appropriate change management strategies can make a huge impact in achieving a successful implementation.  One such strategy is the commitment curve (shown below).

In summary the commitment curve shows how people react and evolve over time as significant change occurs in their role and in an organization.

Awareness – When the decision was made to change systems, I remember receiving a company-wide e-mail explaining that our company had made the decision to move from our handful of legacy systems to a new one stop shop ERP system, SAP. At this point I remember the mixed emotions, and while I understood that change was […]

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/N SPRO, Proud Sponsor of the March 2, 2016 ASUG Ontario Chapter Meeting

/N SPRO is proud to announce our continued support for Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG). We invite you to join our retail expert Brian Cederborg, Vice President, Retail / Wholesale Consulting for /N SPRO at the upcoming ASUG Ontario Chapter meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, March 2, 2016 at Seneca College (Newnham Campus).     If you are attending the meeting, we encourage you to join Mr. Cederborg’s 60 minute presentation taking place at 1:00pm,  on the “Retail Track”.  Presentation details are as follows:

“Optimize Retail Customer Engagement: /N SPRO’s Campaign Management Solution”

To keep customers continuously engaged, retailers need to deliver a consistent experience and personalized message across all channels. All interactions need to achieve the same objective – deliver consistent, proactive, concise and personalized messaging that drives the customer toward increased interaction with the retailer. The SAP Campaign Management software suite, a Customer Activity Repository (CAR) based solution, co-developed with /N SPRO, provides an integrated simple to use platform that can be implemented in modules, as the business evolves, to develop and execute marketing and promotional campaigns – targeted or mass – across any sales channel. Advanced analytics are then able to model and predict customer responses prior to campaign execution in order to easily model multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios and select the ones most consistent with company goals.

Register today and take advantage of this networking and educational opportunity.   Key event highlights to look forward to:

  • Keynote and Break-Out Content on SAP Retail, Supply Chain, Reporting and User-Experience.
  • Keynote on “Higher Education in the Fourth Industrial Era”
  • Real-World SAP Customer stories from Indigo Books and Music, Vicwest Building Products and Blue Cross-Blue Shield.
  • 3 Hour Hands-On Workshop on SAP LUMIRA
  • Sponsor Showcase and ASUG Networking Reception

We look forward to seeing you […]